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Research Data Center German Microdata Lab (GML) at GESIS

Research based services for researchers working with microdata from European and German official statistics: Tools for data management and data analysis. Metadata (MISSY): Comprehensive data documentation for official microdata on a detailed level. Knowledge transfer: Consulting, Training, User Conferences. On research using official microdata on methodological and substantive topics. Established 1987.

Available Data

Available data: 

Person-related data: European Union Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS), European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC), European Adult Education Survey (AES), Household Budget Survey (HBS), Statistics on Information and Communications Technologies usage in households and by individuals (ICT), Structure of Earnings Survey (SES), European Community Household Panel (ECHP), Community Innovation Statistics (CIS)

Microcensus: Basic files as of 1973, GESIS-Files (1962-1969), Panel (1996-1999 und 2001- 2004), Regional file (2000), Microcensus Supplementary Survey "Occupational and Social Shifts of the Population" , April 1971

Microdata from the GDR's official statistics: [no English translation provided] Erhebung zur Inanspruchnahme kultureller und sozialer Leistungen in Arbeiter- und Angestelltenhaushalten (1988), Einkommensstichprobe in Arbeiter- und Angestelltenhaushalten (1988), Statistik des Haushaltsbudgets (1988/89) Volks- und Berufszählung 1970 mit Ergänzungsfragen, Einkommens- und Verbrauchsstichprobe (1962/63 und 1978-2008), Historische Arbeitsstätten- und Berufszählungen (1875-1970)